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TrenGuard® from a nursing perspective

Discover why nursing professionals say TrenGuard is easier to use, more efficient, and safer for patients than alternative positioning devices for Trendelenburg.

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Clinical Articles

Access a comprehensive range of clinical papers, industry articles, and research that examine the use of the Trendelenburg position and supine position in conventional and robotic surgery.

Preventing Patient Sliding in Steep Trendelenburg

Evidence-based nursing practice research poster about patient positioning in the Trendelenburg position.

Positioning and the Surgical Robot

A call for safer patient positioning standards in the realm of robot-assisted surgery.

Excerpt from: Robotics in Practice: New Angles on Safer Positioning

Strategies to simplify patient positioning for robot-assisted gynecologic surgery without compromising patient safety or surgical outcome.

Patient Positioning for Robotic Surgery: An Insider's Perspective

The need for safe and effective positioning accessories customized for exclusive use with the robot.

The Physiology and Complications of the Trendelenburg Position

Safely using the concavities of the body to restrain the patient from sliding in up to 40 degrees of Trendelenburg.

Q&A: Approaching Differences in Robotic Surgery Positioning

The unique patient positioning challenges associated with robotic surgery.

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  • Quick installation
  • Works for any procedure using the Trendelenburg position
  • Reduces medical waste²
  • Low procedural cost
  • Arm protector pads attached to rail-mounted or toboggan-style sleds
  • Low profile to minimize interference with robotic arms
  • Fast and easy set-up and positioning
  • Easy visualization and access to ports and lines
  • Adjust to table width
  • Adjust height and tray position
  • Remove tray if needed
  • Prevents expensive damage to surgical table shrouds from objects on the table base
  • Mounts securely without table modification
  • Easy to remove and clean

Reference: 2. compared to viscoelastic static/friction foam pad, shape conforming foam, gel pad, egg crate foam & surgical tape

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